Monday, June 18, 2007

Good News!

Thank you so much everyone for your well wishes. It seems the old guy is a lucky bastard. He is out of ICU and will recover. He fell asleep at the wheel, hit gravel and over corrected sending him straight into the path of an 18 wheeler. He was hit driver's side of his box on wheels (aka a fire fly). They had him intubated for 48 hours because he had some trauma to his lungs, 7 broken ribs and a few fractures in his back. No head trauma and no internal bleeding. Apparently he is made of steel. And although he is in a world of pain at the moment, we are all glad to see him sitting up and breathing on his own. I'll be back soon.

Be well and thank you again,

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bad News

So I leave you all only to return with some disheartening news. The other half's old man is in ICU tonight after a bad car accident early this morning. He's stable but not without many injuries including broken ribs and a fractured spine. I'm not much of a church goer, but if you could keep us in your prayers all the same. I'll pop back soon to let you know how things are going.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

There's No Excuse...

I haven't really been keeping up with my blogging responsibilities now have I? Well. Between 2 kids and my stag and doe this coming Saturday I've been rather preoccupied. Not only have I not been posting but I've not had much time to read your blogs either. Sorry. I'll get back to all of you just as soon as I can...maybe with some pics of the partay! Oh and I should mention that me, little miss organized and never forget a thing, had a massive brain fart tonight when I suddenly realized that I forgot to go to my cake tasting last Saturday. What a tit.